Meet the Krampus and Happy Holidays!

This American Christmas devil card has been floating around lately. More info at Brad Mcginty.

While I do love this card it reminds me of the Krampus. Now I didn’t really know much about the Krampus before this, but I think the following describes him well.

“Krampus is the dark companion of St. Nicholas, the traditional European winter gift-bringer who rewards good children each year on December 6. The kindly old Saint leaves the task of punishing bad children to a hell-bound counterpart The Horned Devil, also known as Krampus known by many names across the continent — Knecht Ruprecht, Certa, Perchten, Black Peter, Schmutzli, Pelznickel, Klaubauf, and Krampus. Usually seen as a classic devil with horns, cloven hooves and monstrous tongue, but can also be spotted as a sinister gentleman dressed in black or a hairy man-beast. Krampus punishes the naughty children, swatting them with switches and rusty chains before dragging them in baskets to a fiery place below.” via

Lets look at some pictures of this guy!

I think telling children there is some black hairy devil that is going to whip them with sticks and chains if they are naughty, may work a little better then telling them Santa wont give them presents if they are bad. Especially when its traditional for young men to dress like the Krampus and frighten small children in Austria.

May also give them a complex and require them to see a shrink for many years, but who am I to judge. Happy holidays guys and watch out for the Krampus!

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